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The Ultimate Guide To An Easy Spring Home Refresh

Steps for an Easy Spring Home Refresh

The days are getting longer, the sun is starting to shine, and spring is upon us. What better way to bring new life and energy to your home for the warm days ahead than with an easy spring home refresh?

While spring cleaning often takes center stage, there are several other ways to freshen up your home beyond scrubbing every counter. 

1. Start with a spring clean

Before diving into decor updates, it's important to tidy up a bit and get some cleaning in so you are able to start with a clean, blank canvas. Think of it as washing away the dreary cold season and starting fresh. 

Turn on your favorite playlist (and turn the volume way up!), throw your hair in a messy bun, and have some fun! If you don't know where to start, here is a great spring cleaning checklist to check out and get inspired. Add or edit the list to make it fit your home and your needs!


2. Swap your scents

My favorite thing to do when the weather starts getting warmer is open up all the windows and light a brand-new candle to welcome the fresh air! 

Candles and diffusers are easy ways to start your home refresh. Swap out those warm winter scents for something light, fresh, and breezy, or anything that evokes notes of the upcoming season for you. Fresh citrus notes like orange, lemon, or bergamot are classic for spring but don't forget about those beautiful floral or earthy scents such as lavender, jasmine, sage, and moss. My personal favorite is this Sycamore Fig soy candle, as it transports me to the groves of the Mediterranean with its earthy base and sweet fig notes.

If you're not a candle person, no problem! An oil reed diffuser gives the same fresh scent without the flame! You can also find great options that come with a beautiful ceramic vessel to pour your oil into. Our custom Into The Wilde Reed Diffuser & Vessel Set is the perfect way to introduce a fresh spring aroma to your home and bring some personal style to your space at the same time.


3. Opt for lighter fabrics

It's time to put away those thick duvets and chunky knit throws! Store your heavy textiles away, and pull out lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. You can use a pop of color here, or go with lighter neutrals like white or tan to easily brighten up your space.

Think lighter fabrics for the obvious places like your bed and couch, but don't forget some of the areas that are easy to overlook, such as curtains, table linens, and towels. Try white linen curtains to instantly freshen up your home for spring and let the natural light in. Tea towels in a bright stripe pattern are great to add some color, and these thick stripe patterned ones feel both modern and timeless as if you've traveled to the French countryside. Or grab a Linen Turkish Towel, which acts as its own bathroom decor, but also is incredibly absorbent and soft to wrap around you when getting out of the shower or tub.


4. Incorporate a pop of color


I am all about a simple, clean neutral color palette! I love using textured fabrics and classic prints or patterns to give interest to a space. But I also love a pop of color when used effectively! This year, I am embracing earthy tones like terracotta, cinnamon, peach, and nutmeg to infuse some natural color into my home and keep me grounded.

The easiest areas to add your pops of color are throw blankets and pillow covers that can be quickly swapped out. Or incorporate a vibrant pop with florals, whether dried or fresh, which is also a classic way to bring the beautiful colors blooming in your garden into your home.


5. Add a basket for easy storage


Natural fiber baskets are easy, functional ways to freshen up your space. Use larger baskets to house extra pillows, throws, magazines, or workout equipment. Smaller baskets are great to store fresh fruits and veggies or even your keys, stationery, or any other essentials you need to be accessible but out of sight.


6. Freshen up your kitchen

There are so many ways to freshen up your kitchen for springtime. Swap any dark dinner plates, cups, and counter storage for light-colored options like white, cream, or even brass. Similarly, you can opt for spring-appropriate table linens by choosing neutral or brightly colored tablecloths, placemats, and napkins. Play around with patterns to add more interest to your kitchen like these striped towels to add a touch of something unique to this space.

If you like to host and entertain at your home, especially as the weather gets nicer and people start to leave their homes more, apply the same principles as above to your tablescape and serveware.



7. Bring in the greenery

Bring the outdoors in by adding plants and flowers to your space. Indoor plants are proven to boost our happiness, reduce stress and even remove toxins from the air, so why not invest in some greenery for your home? Personally, I'm terrible at keeping plants alive, so I opt for easy-to-care-for plants like Aloe Vera or Snake plants that don't need too much attention. Lastly, keep a few timeless, neutral vases on hand for a high-quality option to display a brightly colored bouquet you pick up from your florist or your garden.


8. Skip the holiday decor

I know that everyone has their own personal style, but I tend to stick to more timeless decor pieces when refreshing my home. If you celebrate certain seasonal holidays that come in spring, such as St. Patrick's Day, Easter or Passover, consider passing on the holiday decor and opt for more effortless, classic pieces to refresh your home. If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, keep it minimal and simple so won't have to completely re-do all your hard work after every occasion.


With these tips, your home will be ready for all of those springtime vibes on the way. We are always sharing more over on our Instagram, so follow along at @wilde.home.decor for more tips and tricks to help you get WILDE with your home!



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