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Tips To Effortlessly Entertain Guests

Who here LOVES to entertain guests and host parties or get-togethers at their home?! The tasty food filling the table, generous drinks pouring into your favorite glasses, and great conversation with your favorite people...what's not to love? But I know sometimes it can get stressful when hosting. So much to do when getting ready, and while everyone is there to see you and indulge in great company, you still want to wow them with the details!

I'll show you how to keep it simple and create an effortless table setting that will be sure to turn heads and wow your guests and complement the delicious food you've got in the oven!


Simple tips to build a beautiful table when entertaining and hosting guests

  • Keep the color palette simple and neutral for a sophisticated and effortless look. It also allows you to reuse your favorite pieces all year long, without worrying about being too seasonal. For a splash of color, utilize napkins, tableclothsflorals, or even the food and drink you serve to add to your tablescape and keep it fresh.

  • Go outside and find some natural branches and flowers or used dried florals as centerpiece decor. This is the perfect way to grounds the table while giving it a beautiful touch, and finding items outside will cost you nothing!
  • Don’t add too many “extras” when it comes to settings. Napkin rings are cute, but do you NEED them?? When guests are filling their plates, those little extras just take up table space you could be using for something else.
  • Stacking small plates or bowls can add dimension to your table and save space, but also ensures your guests have enough opportunity to grab extras of all that delicious food.
  • Small bowls like these gorgeous olive wood nesting bowls are perfect to add throughout the table for condiments or snacks. Sauces, jams, nuts, and small snacks are perfect items to throw in some little bowls and sprinkle throughout the table so everyone can grab what they need.

  • Taper candles are an easy way to create a beautiful ambiance and are always nice to add a formal touch. Wood, brass, or ceramic candlestick holders provide a classic base and serve as their own decor.

  • Always have the wine ready to pour and plenty of snacks! I'll take a cheese board every time!
  • Remember not to take it too seriously….get WILDE and have some fun with your tablescape! You're entertaining friends who are there to eat, drink and enjoy the great company you have assembled, so focus on your guests and nothing can go wrong.



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