olive wood kitchen utensils next to the stove

Caring For Your Olive Wood


Ok, let’s talk Olive Wood!

A majority of the wood pieces I carry in the shop are olive wood. And while it’s gorgeous with its unique grain and stunning coloring on each individual piece, it is also a durable wood that can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Olive wood is a hard wood, rich in color, and originating from south and eastern Mediterranean countries in Europe and Eastern Africa. It is prized around the world for its appearance, density, straight grain, and fine texture.

Olive wood usually grows in a very twisted and irregular way, with a large number of side branches twisting the trunk in many directions. This makes extracting large and straight pieces of lumber difficult, so the majority of lumber extracted from olive trees is cut into smaller pieces and used for the creation of smaller indoor objects.

Visually, olive wood has gorgeous and dramatic light & dark grain patterns and has long been a top-quality choice for wood bowls, boards, and utensils. It is an extremely hard, dense wood making it more stain and odor resistant than most - an important characteristic in a hard-working kitchen tool. With proper care and maintenance, your olive wood will last a lifetime!

Caring for your olive wood pieces to make them last:

• Start with getting a high-quality, food-grade mineral oil or olive oil to season your olive wood.

• Most new olive wood items come pre-seasoned and ready to use, but if you keep applying your oil, especially during the first weeks, you'll ensure a well-moisturized and protected bowl, board, or utensil.

• Hand wash with a mild detergent and warm water. Don’t allow water to sit in or on your wood, and never put it in the dishwasher. You can allow your pieces to air dry, but conditioning them a little more often with mineral oil is then recommended.

• Treat your olive wood occasionally with a small amount of your food-grade oil into the wood using a kitchen towel or lint-free cloth. This will keep the wood from drying out, as well as bring out the natural grain and coloring of the wood.


By caring for your new olive wood pieces, you’re sure to ensure they last you a lifetime and you’re able to enjoy their natural beauty to its fullest!  Check out our collection of olive wood pieces here and start building your collection today!


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