Ch5. Hosting This Holiday

Will you have guests staying with you for a few days, or maybe you’re hosting friends & family for Christmas dinner? Either way, hosting can bring on the stress and end up being a lot of work during this already busy time. I want to help alleviate that stress, and maybe help you have a little fun while hosting this year.

Let’s start in the guest room! If you’ve got family coming in from out of town and you’ve offered up your home, here are some easy ideas to get your guest room feeling nice and cozy for their arrival! I know it can be a lot to have guests stay with you….but remember, they may also feel the stress of not being in the comfort of their own home and not wanting to impose on you.

Here are some easy ways to make your guest room cozy & inviting to help your guests feel at home:

  1. Start with the throw pillows. A few throw pillows can go a long way with making people feel at home! A cozy bed is super important when traveling, so load it up!
  2. Add a soft throw blanket to the end of the bed…you know our chunky knit throw is my fav! This will give your guests something warm to curl up with at the end of the night, or if they just need a moment to themselves during their stay.
  3. I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS have water at my bedside! So have a beautiful carafe and some glasses filled and ready on the nightstand to make your guests comfortable through the night.

And remember, traveling during the holiday can be just as stressful as hosting….so if all else fails, pull out the booze 😉🤣

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