Ch3. Transitioning Your Space

Ch3. Transitioning Your Space

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and for all us normal people…NOW it’s time to decorate for Christmas!! 😆​​​​​​​​ Lol, kidding!! (Kinda..) ​​​​​​​​

So let’s jump right into the next chapter of our Curated Guide to Surviving a WILDE Holiday - Transitioning Your Space

If you’re like me, this holiday snuck right up and came fast! I saw people putting Christmas trees up and I hadn’t even thought about Thanksgiving dinner yet! So now that Thanksgiving is done and our belly’s are full, let’s get to decorating for Christmas!​​​​​​​​
Traditionally, I’m not one to go all out with the decor…I like to have thoughtful, intentional moments throughout the house that get me in the holiday spirit but also don’t overwhelm me with having to unpack (and ultimately, repack) all my decor. I like to keep many of my timeless, everyday pieces in use, and add in a few special pillows, throws, candles and collectibles I’ve accumulated over the years. ​​​​​​​​
Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to mean pulling out 20 bins from the basement/crawl space and swapping EVERYTHING in the house! I want to share some of my best holiday decorating hacks that I’ve mastered over many years with you. So let's jump right in! 


​​​​​The bedroom is my favorite place to start when transitioning my space. The bedroom is the one spot in the house that is just for me and my hubs, where we start and finish our day, so I want it to feel cozy and comforting, like a little wintery sanctuary!

However, changing the bedding out with every holiday or season just isn't in the budget for me...and I know that is the same for a lot of you. So here are some of my tips to still transform your bedroom into the cozy sanctuary you deserve, without breaking the budget!

  • Get a cozy throw blanket to bring warmth and texture to your bed! I love our chunky knit blankets for this. A throw is a great way to introduce color into your space without having to change your bedding. Do you like a winter wonderland kinda vibe w/ ivorys & creams? Or maybe you like a traditional holiday pop like merlot or olive. Either way, a warm throw is perfect to give those coziest vibes!
  • Use a vase to give a personal and even romantic touch. This is great to bring in some dried florals that add color or seasonal pops. Or grab live branches from outside for that woody/pine holiday scent we all love! A vase & florals are easy ways to get a seasonal look & feel.
  • Throw pillows! I swear my hubs may have divorced me if I brought any more throw pillows into the house before I opened WH (now I just have an excuse 😉😉). But seriously, throw pillows are my go to when seasons change or holiday decor is on my mind. To get a warm, cozy vibe for the holidays, go for textured fabrics like teddy, knit or faux fur. These bring a cozy fell, and use texture to make the room feel warm & inviting. I also love to mix in a pattern to create interest. Keep the pattern neutral, that way you’re able to use it throughout the year!
  • Bring in a natural element like wood to ground the space. It can come in the form of decor or furniture. These items give a cozy wintertime feel that’s sure to add the perfect touch to your space! 


Next up, our living room! This is probably the most fun space to decorate for the holidays! Many people put their Christmas tree in the living room, or another commonly used space you will also want to deck out. So this area can sometimes feel the most festive...however, it can also be where you feel the most pressure to go all out and overload with the traditional decor. 

So let's talk about my favorite ways to still get that traditional holiday feel, but also keep the decor simply and timeless. No Christmas store explosion over at my house!!

  • My best kept secret....have 1-2 Christmas throw pillows stored and ready to go! I have 2 Christmas pillows I pull out every single year, and they instantly give my space a holiday makeover! The trick is to find timeless prints or patterns that you won't get tired of. Steer clear of graphics or trends, because those may not be easy to use each year, or you may grow tired of them. Once you found the perfect ones, it's so easy to just grab them each year and throw them on the couch or your favorite chair. If you're not a pattern person, have some fur or teddy pillow options that you pull out. These fabrics are so cozy, and will give that winter wonderland feel to your space if traditional just isn't your style.
  • Have a cozy throw blanket (or two..) ready to add to the couch. I love our Chunky Knit Throws for this because they add so much texture, and keep you warm & cozy when you're bundled up on the couch. This is also a great way to ground the space with your "holiday color scheme". Wintery Wonderland vibes, go ivory or tan. Traditional Holiday all the way, pick an olive green or merlot/wine color. 
  • Now just sprinkle in a few holiday decor pieces throughout the space to tie it all together. Simple wood trees, maybe a little garland, and voila! Once you hang the stockings and decorate the tree, your living room will be transformed! 



Scent is hands down one of my favorite things about the holiday season, and a super easy way to get your home feeling warm & cozy and ready for the holiday. Whether you love candles or prefer reed diffusers or oils, having your favorite wintery scent filling your home will immediately transform any space.

My personal favorite, give me a woody scent with a little bit of citrus or sweet. Mmmm, makes me want to bundle up on the couch with a warm blanket, hot cocoa and a cheesy (yet magical) Hallmark Christmas movie! 😆

You can shop all our favorite candles for the holiday season right here in the shop...I've got you covered with the perfect scents- woody, spicy citrus, or warm & fruity, we've got them all!  





And that is it everyone!! My easy, simple, timeless ways to transition my space for the holidays without breaking the bank. But seriously...I stuck to these tips this year and my entire house took me 20 minutes to decorate! I call that a Christmas miracle.

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